I have won numerous awards at the Clare County Fair in Michigan and my work is very well
received by fellow artists and my students.  I had the honor of showing my work at “Mid-Michigan
Healing Arts Gallery” and “Garden of Art” in Saginaw, Michigan.  In addition to my commissioned
work for Home, Pet and People Portraits, I teach pen and ink with oil rouging classes on a regular
basis and delight in showing other people the satisfaction one can gain through painting.

I have experimented and am knowledgeable with several mediums which are, but not limited to,
watercolor, pastels and acrylics.  I wish I had more time to create artwork and teach the technique
of all these mentioned mediums, however, there are just so many hours in a day so at this time my
choices are
"Pen & Ink with Oil Rouging" and "Colored Pencils".  When I first was introduced to
Pen & Ink with Oil Rouging I thought the technique was absolutely amazing. I could not believe how
great the results were and how correctable if you made a mistake. With Colored Pencils, drawing in
pencil goes against the mainstream of the art world where painting is more acceptable and
rewarded.  But colored pencils are so versatile and have the potential to create art very similar
looking to oils if applied correctly.

Painting has given me many wonderful opportunities in life. To have the support of a wonderful
husband is to have everything.  My husband Don and I live in Michigan from May through
November (originally from Michigan) and Florida from December through April.  In addition to travel
teaching, please contact me for more information on how to have a class in “your” area.  Please
check out my class schedule for more information.

Phone:  352-365-1330

To contact me by email please use the
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Sharon Kuester

Phone: 352-365-1330
I’ve always loved art ever since I can remember.  As a teenager (and being
extremely shy during those years) I would sit in study hall and pencil sketch
all the good looking boys that were my classmates.  I wonder to this day what  
ever happened to my tablet of sketches!  

Winning first place at the age of 15 in a competition at Henry Ford Greenfield
Village Museum, in Dearborn, Michigan, inspired me to open the door to
become a successful designer and painter.  I became involved in art both as
a computer graphic designer and artist for more than 40 years.

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