Pen & Ink with Oil Rouging Supplies
Come have "fun" and join me, Sharon as I put even a beginner at ease with this wonderful
technique.  You will learn how to ink with a technical pen and add color called "oil rouging".  The
effect is elegant and breathtaking.  It will be suitable for framing.

Pen and Ink with Oil Rouging is so relaxing that it can totally absorb you and keep you so involved
you lose track of time.

What is so great with this technique is that students who have never picked up a brush or pen before
can easily learn.  My students really like the fact that they are not only learning a whole new
technique; they take home a finished project and had a great time doing it.

Rouging is a technique where rather than "painting" in the color, you "rouge" or "tint" in the color.  
Paint is applied in small amounts where the most intensity is required, then using different Blender
Brushes you coax the color over the surface.  And, the pen and ink and oil rouging mistakes are
easily correctable resulting in a stress free atmosphere.

•   How to use a Koh-I-Nor technical pen
•   Learn the technique of pen and ink and transform it onto your surface
•   Learn how to correct mistakes easily during the inking process as well as when you apply the oils.
•   How to properly prepare different surfaces so it will  help you with your inking and oil painting
•   You will learn step by step, how to paint your picture from beginning to end.
•   Learn about your supplies so that they will become your best friends, as you know exactly what
supply (mediums, brushes, canvases, etc.) to use to make your project easier.
•   Have NO CONFUSION because you know you are doing it the right way and you will learn how to
follow the instructions given.
•   Learn step by step procedures on how to mix colors.  Saying goodbye to muddy color as you
know what colors to use before you pick up your brushes.
•   Most importantly, how to relax and have fun.

If you have any questions about Pen and Ink with Oil Rouging please feel free to telephone me or
email me and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.  

Please take a moment to see my schedule of classes in Florida at various locations and at my home
studio.  I also travel teach near or far so please contact me for more information on "travel teaching"
if you are interested in classes in your area.
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instructions on how to
prep your surface with
JW Etc
(what and how to Hula, Tamp, Pull)
Size 00/.30 - $28.00
Size 1/.50 - $28.00
KOH-I-NOOR Rapidograph black India artist ink is an extremely versatile waterproof
drawing ink for use on paper, film, cloth. It is free flowing and fast drying with permanent
adhesion, yet is easily removable with ammonia and cotton swabs.  
I find the quality and
richness it gives my artwork is much better than
any other suggested brands.
India Ink  -  $7.00
If your pen requires servicing
the fee is $5.00 US and $7.00
Canadian.  All you have to do
is send a check and a note
saying "Please service my
pen.  Thank you."   Don't
forget to include your name
and address.  In three to five
weeks you will have your new
replacement pen and yes, it
will be a brand new pen.  
The address is:  
Attn: Pen Servicing Dept.
One River Road
Leeds, MA  01053
LIBERTY MATTE SPRAY (Since there are so many postal
restrictions, I've decided to discontinue the
mailing of any
Liberty Matte Spray cans.  However, I do carry the product
and will sell them to you directly.
Liberty is my preferred choice of varnish which quickly dries
your layers of oils during the rouging process and provides a
non-yellowing, permanent moisture resistant finish. It is also
very low odor for those allergic to fumes.
11 1/4 oz can  -  $7.00
I absolutely love my 00/.30 (yellow coded) and 1/.50 (brown coded) pens when creating my illustrations.  
They are Rapidograph pens by Koh-I-Noor.  Each pen has a refillable ink reservoir and a color-coded
cap and point section. The double-seal cap is air-tight to keep the point from drying out. If maintained
(and there really isn't much to maintain them), they will last for years.
Each pen - $28.00
Please remember to spray outside and make sure the piece is
completely dry before bringing it in or the smell will follow you.
AMERICANA - Acrylic Sealer (DAS 13)
Americana also works well drying layers of oil
paint so the artist can complete a project in less
time.  Some odor but not harmful.  I do not sell
Americana but it can be found in local craft stores.
Includes sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8
This short handled brush is used for applying the gel or oils by scumbling. Although it's used
in all mediums, we use it most commonly as a
"scumbler".   Made with Chunking Hog Bristle.
Set of 4 Scumblers  -  $16.00
Includes sizes 8, 14, 20 and 32
A natural hair brush made with both Mongoose and Badger hair is a must when
"oil rouging". No other brushes can "move" the oil, blend and create the softness
needed when you are oil rouging.
If used properly, they will last forever!
Set of 4 Blenders  -  $75.00  (due to an increase in brushes and postage)
FABER-CASTELL Perfection Eraser Pencils
Just another thing I cannot live without.  It's just a simple pencil eraser but it gets into all those tiny
area's and removes the oil that doesn't need to be there.  And, best thing is that the eraser
sharpens in a pencil sharpener very easily.  One lasts forever!

There are additional supplies required for the technique, however, if you click above on the left  
"How much does it take to get started", you will be able to find out where to pick up these extra supplies.  
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Although Mary Owens has switched
to Princeton Brushes, I find the quality
of the Blenders we have been using
all these years gives my artwork a
much better effect than any other
brand.  So I will continue using and
selling the Scumblers and Blenders
(see discounted rate for Blenders).
I also want to mention
that should you not
wish to purchase
through PayPal or use
your credit card you
can still order by "snail
mail".   Each pattern
packet is $8.00 plus
shipping and handling
(taxes if you live in
Florida).  If you go to
the "Shipping and
Payment" page you
will get an idea of how
much postage to
include in your check
or money order.  Any
orders larger than
those listed I would
appreciate a phone
call so I can calculate

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Stockbridge, GA 30281
As many of you know I have been a certified Mary Owens teacher since 2001 and have enjoyed every minute of it.  
Mary has transitioned in many ways throughout the years, revising her use of technical pens, her brushes and her
oils going from Grumbacher to Martin F Weber and because MFW no longer exists, back to Grumbacher Pre-
Tested Oils.  

Since my certification in 2001 I did not evolve but kept using the same pens and brushes, I figured “if it ain’t broke
don’t fix it.”  Plus I absolutely love the richness of the Rapidograph Ink and ease of the Rapidograph Technical
Pens.  So, needless to say, I will still be selling the .50 and .30 Rapidograph Technical Pens and Ink as well as
the Oil Rouging brushes (scumblers and blenders).  

As far as oils, please feel free using whatever you have at home or if you want to purchase oils, I would suggest
either Grumbacher Academy (which I will be using in my classes), or the Pre-Tested Grumbacher Oils. Make sure
you use your coupons, I paid $6.99 for a tube of Academy and the Pre-Tested are a bit higher. My students hate
mixing their shades of black and green so I am now using Lamp Black and Sap Green (you lighten or darken your
green if you desire with yellow to lighten and ultramarine to darken).  The Payne’s Grey is a little too grey for my
taste to use for the sky so I am going to use French Ultramarine Blue but do not use too much, the lighter the

Let’s talk about Gel Tranparentizer, Mary suggests using Linseed Oil (so use it if you feel comfortable), I am going
to use
Grumbacher Transparentizing Gel in my classes.  I get it on line, just search for what I have underlined.
The problem is that they do not make small tubes, you have to purchase a large tube and it is between $13-$16.
If you have any questions at all about the technique or the supplies, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone
or email.