Artists at Sandy Shores Resort in Lake, Michigan, showing off their Loon Pen & Ink with Oils on Plate project
Kathy, Jan, Kathy, Trina, Linn, Mary Jane, Sally, Sue, Ruth, Jan
I wanted to dedicate this page to some of my student artists that focus on the fundamentals of
perspective, shading, color, painting and just having fun.

You may recognize some of the artwork and perhaps have created the same, however, anyone who
has attended my classes knows that no two projects turn out the same.  

There will also be some art that you do not recognize, these students went to the next level and have
created their own art using the technique they've learned in class.  
Student Page
Jack Levering, Kathryn Phillips, Diana Chapman, Mary Shigley
and Betty Benson at my Home Studio
A few of the gals at Hobby Lobby.
Joan, Michelle, Theresa and Harleth
Class at Master the Possibilities in On Top of The World in Ocala creating the River Road Lighthouse.  Beginning with the photo
on the right,  
bottom row:  Cheryl Callaway, Shelley Kidd, Anita Weiner  top row:  Dorothy Huston, Dan Gill, Kathy Sickler, Judy
Singer, Mary Jastrzebski, Betty Russell, myself, and Paul Willink.
Just take a look at these wonderful designs that Cheryl Callaway
created for her grandchild's room.  Aren't they adorable?
To the left are Mary Jastrzebski's grandchildren and their dog.
This was Mary's first pen & ink with oil's portrait project, isn't it
great!  She did an excellent job.  
Have you ever been to Alaska?  
If so, do you recognize the
picture to the left?  It is the
"Salty Dawg Saloon" created by
Marjie Pulcini in pen & ink with
oils and above is a pen & ink
from an original photo of a
bridge she took.  Look at all the
detail she captured!!!!
Natalie Coolidge began creating these
beautiful colored pencil pieces on her
own after attending a few of my classes.  
Great job Natalie, keep up the good work.
If you are one of my students and have taken classes taught by me in either pen & ink with oils or
colored pencils and have something that you created on your own that you're proud of, send me an
email with a picture of your work and I'll be happy to place it on this page.
To the left are some of my students from New Smyrna Beach.  

Starting at the top row on the left: Gert Frankel, Elaine Harris,
myself, Lynne Stolt, Jeanne Markham.

Bottom row: John Pacholyk, Jane Sheedy, Claire
Here's Betty Benson and Natalie Coolidge at my
Home Studio with their finished project.

The "Winter Barn Scene" that they created was
absolutely stunning!!!  They should both be very
proud of their art, it turned out beautiful.

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The first Pen & Ink with Oil Rouging class held
at Hobby Lobby in Orlando in November.   From
left to right are:  Paulette Isaacs, Christy
Verschage, Sandra Maupin and Pat Sibons
A great group of ladies at Southern Palms RV Resort
showing off their "chickadee" artwork.
Betty, Helen and Alma displaying their color pencil artwork
at my studio.  Each one had a different wood surface to
work on and all three turned out wonderful.  
Maureen Benoit from Royal Highlands,
proudly displays her framed color pencil
artwork.   Isn't it gorgeous!!!   I only wish I
had realized that there was a window
glaring in the background of the
picture....sorry Maureen.

Still, didn't she do an outstanding job!!!
Royal Highlands artists showing off
their "Angel on My Shoulder"

Pictured from left to right:
Mary Lou, Fran, Maureen, Diane,
Marcie and Virginia.
On Top of the World artists showing
off their plate "The Courtship".

Pictured from left to right:
Jackie, Linda, Karen, and Rose
Artists at Sandy Shores Resort in Lake, Michigan, showing off their artwork.

Pictured from left to right:
Back row:  Trina, Sally, Sue, and Jan
Front row:  Linn, Mary Jane, Jan, and Kathy
Proud artists at White Birch Lakes, Farwell,
Michigan, showing off their artwork.

Front row, left to right:  Jan and Theresa
Back row:  Rich, Sally and Georgia
Happy artists from Hobby Lobby in Clermont, Florida class:
Artists in Webster, Florida
Artists in New Smyrna Beach, Florida
I wanted to showcase some of Dan Casey's "pen &
ink with oil rouging" artwork. Dan is from Vermont
but spends his winter months in Southern Palms
RV Resort in Eustis and I've had the pleasure to
have Dan as a student for several years now.  He
has really excelled and has entered and won many
awards these past few years.  

The picture of the dog (who is now deceased), is
on an 11 x 14 canvas. Just look at the detail, the
eyes, the tongue, the position of the dogs body, he
captured everything perfectly...and look at the
detail on the large pillow!!

Below is a 16 x 20 also on canvas, of Nubble
Lighthouse in York, Maine.  Dan worked from a
photo that his son snapped, look at the waves
crashing against the rock and...note the eagle
flying above the lighthouse, what perfect timing!

The Sandpipers was created on a large 20 x 30
canvas and must have been a real challenge
because normally in class the largest we ever paint
on is 16x20 so, again, great job. Notice the waves
coming in on shore?

As you can see Dan has been really busy and I
know for a fact there are more paintings that he
has finished and won some ribbons.  Dan should
be very proud of his accomplishments.

Remember....practice makes perfect!!!
Artists at Sandy Shores Resort in Lake, Michigan
Front:  Mary Jane, Ruth, Diane, Linda, Linn, Kathy
Back:  Kathy, Trina, Sally, Jan
Same project but different matts and frames make each piece of
their artwork different.  Absolutely lovely!!
Linda Calder, Ruth Burrows, and Diane Anderson
from Sandy Shores Resort in Lake, Michigan
Color Pencil class at White Birch Lakes in Michigan

Front:  Sharon, Carol (hiding behind her art), Carolyn
Back:  Kathy, Angelina (from California), Georgia,
Claudia, and Lisa
Nancy Hetzel from Royal Highlands
showing some of her cards she
made.  Nancy creates her artwork
from the classes she attends, then
turns them into note cards and
greeting cards.  Her original
artwork is proudly hanging on her
walls at home and she is able to
share her art with friends and
relatives in her card making skills.
The ladies at Southern Palms in Eustis
The "Beach Chair" created by students at
Sweetwater Oaks in Ocala
The "Wayside Chapel" created by Royal Highlands Artists
Kelly Hoernig's Shades of Green, taught
by Sharon brought 16 artists to the
class.  All were very happy with their
results, some selected a dark blue
surface rather than the dark green and
all turned out stunning!!!
Betty Ridley has taken many classes
with me and it has certainly paid off
for her.  These are just two of her
creations which she has adapted her
Pen & Ink with Oil Rouging skills to
create beautiful artwork.
Betty believes in practice makes
New Smyrna Beach RV Park displaying
the "Wayside Chapel", beautiful job
Some of the regulars at Hobby Lobby in Mt. Dora.  In
February they painted "The River Road Lighthouse".  
They always create an outstanding piece of art.
Maureen Benoit from Royal
Highlands proudly displays another
piece of her art.
This was a 16x20 color pencil
project designed by kelly Hoernig,
on dark green matboard.
Maureen's choice of white for
framing really brings out the
beautiful dragonfly.
Beautiful job Maureen, it will look
absolutely stunning on your wall!!
Maureen Benoit from Royal
Highlands proudly displays another
piece of her art.
This was a 16x20 color pencil
project designed by kelly Hoernig,
on dark green matboard.
Maureen's choice of white for
framing really brings out the
beautiful dragonfly.
Beautiful job Maureen, it will look
absolutely stunning on your wall!!
My class had the pleasure of
celebrating Gena's Birthday
on April 15 at Hobby Lobby in Mt. Dora.

Her daughter Laura brought the balloon and
delicious cupcakes.  
Betty brought her husbands home baked
cookies which are always welcomed in class
because they are "to die for",
plus we had donuts and jelly beans.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday Gena!!!!

A collage of photo's
from ladies working
hard at Sandy Shores
Resort in Lake,